With The





Pull Purpose

Out Of

The Pit


Purposely Placed

God’s idea of a love story is to have relationship with each of his children. We were created to love him, learn his request and to live a life of purpose that leaves an eternal legacy.


During Pit Pulling Purpose Academy, we will get to know God through reading the Bible, learning effective prayer strategy and the importance of fasting & servitude.

God never intended for his children to live bound in chains to their past, so he sent his only Son to cleanse us from our sins (past, present and future). Many of our sins are not sins of our own but those that were passed down from generation to generation.

During Pit Pulling Purpose Academy, we will break generational chains that hinder us from finding freedom and living free.

Each of us were created for a purpose on purpose; however, life seems to throw us in a pit and it seems nearly impossible to find our way out. Everything (including the good, bad and the ugly) has purpose.

During Pit Pulling Purpose Academy, we will participate in various activities on how to discover your purpose while in the pit.

God doesn't plant purpose in his children and not give them the opportunity to fulfill their purpose. Purpose is tied to a common need in society, so there is always a need for purpose.

After the completion of Pit Pulling Purpose Academy, we will purposely place our students in areas that they are able to
make a difference while living a life of purpose.